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Tampa Bay Rays – Free Willy Adames – Let Him Play

Friday 13 July, 2018 | RSS Feed

Tampa Bay Rays – Free Willy Adames – Let Him Play

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I get why the Tampa Bay Rays feel the need to play Adeiny Hechavarria.  and, it’s obvious.  Yet, this team doesn’t want him.  All playing time right now is showcase time.  All of it.  Framing him in attempt to trade. I’d argue that this is costing Willy Adames.

Let’s make it easy.  In a nutshell, without playing time, Hechavarria is one of the best fielding shortstops in the game today.  If there is a team looking for defensive help in the middle infield, he’s your guy.  Offensively, he’s short of a roll of the dice.  He will not hit for average.  He will show short of occasional pop.  Boom.

Of all teams, the Tampa Bay Rays should not be a team playing around with their young talent.  Willy Adames is their best prospect.  Last month, the word was that he was up for good.  A time later, he’s back at Durham.  With the All-Star break looming, it makes sense, I guess.  But, played out right from the beginning, I don’t believe it would have been necessary.

Free Willy!
Willy Adames has gone through some struggles since joining the Rays.  As a result, his average is low and he strikes out a lot.  But, let’s just say he comes to the field every day knowing he’s going to start at shortstop.  And,  a few days out, he’s told that he’s going to get a rest based on matchups.

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