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Tampa Bay Rays – Just Stop the Blake Snell Trade Talks

Friday 13 July, 2018 | RSS Feed

Tampa Bay Rays – Just Stop the Blake Snell Trade Talks

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The Tampa Bay Rays will not trade Blake Snell.  Why?  Because they don’t need to. It’s not time.  He’s not ready.  He needs more Tampa Bay time.  Sure, 29 teams would love to have him.  And, if you’re looking for a young, team-friendly, starting pitcher, it’s him.

Blake Snell is becoming one of the true faces of the Tampa Bay Rays.  Of course, there is Kevin Kiermaier and those eyes.  But, Blake Snell’s first half this season, along with his front of every sportscast all-star snub, makes him the face of the franchise.
Snell’s snub represents everything the Tampa Bay Rays play for.  And, his stats in the first half of the season are comparable to the best out there.  Twelve wins so far is proof enough, but the ERA that barely touches two is end of story.  Of course, this Rays pitcher shouldn’t represent the American League in the All-Star Game.

Will Blake Snell be the Rays Best Ever…so far?
Of course, when you think of the Tampa Bay Rays and their short history, David Price would be the elite of the Rays starting pitchers.  Scott Kazmir is right up there and James Shields was as solid as they came.  But, if you’ve watched Blake Snell move through the system, he can make a claim.

The Rays know what they have.  Just a couple of days ago, after the snub, they posted this on Twitter.
At the end of the day, he is any of us.  He’s not the eyes of KK.  The hair is not the dreds of Chris Archer.  He doesn’t even have plans for Tuesday like Wilson Ramos does.  Yet.  But, the Tampa Bay Rays are not going to trade him.

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